Installed WordPress on my today so I’ll be able to blog as soon as I get a connection while gone.
Me and Carlos are also planning our days with workshops together with Anne. First thing will be meeting the st Catherine vocational development project board and some local engineers and architects. Hopefully we’ll establish an incredible team that can work from Sweden and Uganda together in the future!
We also met a colleague to Carlos from Mozambique. He knows a lot about building technics in this area and he could give us a lot of advice just from looking at site pictures! Best part; he’ll still be in Lund when we get back home.

Now I’m going to Ikea to get huge paper rolls and pens to the workshops!


Me and Julia have been working a bit whit this, I thought it was time for you others to see the first draft. There is still a lot of space for suggestions so have a look in all the dusty corner on our homepage…


Happiness in colour!

Today I´ve been looking through my old toys to find some material to bring with me to the kids in Muhanga. Hopefully they will create many things that will help us understand what they want and need the most.