2013 was an important year for us in the board of St Catherine Sweden. We all made our first visit to Muhanga and St Catherine vocational development project (CAVODE). Eventhough we travelled during different periods, many experiences and feelings were alike. We worked hard to understand the organisation, community and culture and we wanted to continue work hard together with the people we met.

It wasn’t until we started working together in Sweden we realised it was possible, as long as we use all different expertise and skills in our team. It is under the same circumstances we can create success stories in Uganda.

Our first board meeting was held on Skype the 25th of November. Elisabeth, Emilia and Josefine was in Stockholm, Robert and Carlos in Lund and Katrin was in a car on a highway crossing Sweden. It is how we work; from different positions towards the same goal, just as our collaboration with CAVODE.

We are a non-profit, non-governmental organisation run by volunteers; for example architects, engineers, biologists, students, law-experts etc. Most of our work is done over internet, or phone since we are mostly settled in both Stockholm and Malmö/Lund. Our common goal and vision is to give other people more chances to create their own success stories. We actually try to help as little as possible, that’s how we think sustainable solutions are found, because in the long run the projects will have to be carried out by the local people only. Until that is accomplished we work to support local initiatives with motivation, fundings, different knowledge and new perspectives. This resource mobilisation from Sweden means both fund raising activities and connecting people with useful knowledge and engagement to the projects in Muhanga.

It is about what they want to do, not what we want to give. It’s about sharing the challenge!