The children and the schools

St Catherine Vocational Development Project has 522 children in the region of Kafuka registered because they are evaluated as vulnerable according to the official guidelines from the Ugandan Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social development. The register is kept to easier be able to observe and support their families.

The children are mainly spread on 15 schools but there are some other schools with only a few pupils registered. Not all children in these schools are registered, but every school has their group of parents that shall represent everyone. This system is a way to try and establish regular communication, something that is very challenging in these areas where roads are poor and the distances to the schools are great. From the main site outside Muhanga it is between 1 and 20 km between the schools, boda-bodas are expensive to the people and walking takes hours when crossing the hilltops.

The purple dots are St Catherine Schools:

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