The mushroom project

The oyster mushrooms are dried, packaged and marketed internationally by MTRC Oyster mushrooms produced at one of our schools

The largest issues affecting poor and vulnerable families around the world is a lack of regular income and a scarce food supply.
We started to create a program targeting these issues together with our Ugandan sister organization during the spring 2014. The project target is to teach oyster mushroom agriculture and at the same time provide start-up help by providing mushroom spawn and equipment. In addition to our sister organization, we have drafted the help of the Mushroom Training and Resource Center (MTRC). MTRC is located in Kabale, a 45 minute drive from Muhanga where our schools are. MTRC provides training and mushroom spawns.
One advantage of mushroom agriculture is that it is relative cheap to start-up and maintain, there is not much space needed and mushrooms not consumed at home can easily be sold at the local market. Furthermore, MTRC buys surplus mushrooms and market it internationally. It is our hope that this project will help to stabilize the income of our vulnerable families.

The project is targeting parents who has children at one of our schools in Muhanga. The project is estimated to cost 16000 SEK for the start-up run. The project aims to be self-financed after the first start-up round.

St Catherine Sweden’s contact in this project is:
Robert Ågren,