The building project

We are planning to build a new resource centre just outside Muhanga. The purpose of the centre is to provide Muhanga with a natural meeting place for the local community by providing access to information such as books, newspapers, workshops and computers. The plans also include new class rooms for the school currently located at the site.
Access to electricity is scares in this area, resulting in information flows quite different from Swedish standards. With this new resource centre we hope to improve the access to information by taking some first small steps, while also proving more suitable classrooms for the school at the site.

The project is financed by the charitable trust St Catherine Sweden, but the actual planning and design is done in collaboration with Architects without boarders (ASF, after the organization’s French name). ASF St Catherine is a group of architects and engineers, most of them living in Sweden. The group works together with local professionals in Uganda to plan and design the project. The aim is to create a local engagement in the project by involving them in all stages of the project in order to secure that the project meets their needs and becomes functional in the local context. We are driving the project according to the principle “help to self-help”. By that we mean that everything we do should be carried out as an education process. Thus we engage locals in the design process to increase understanding of building design, at the start of construction we will use the construction as an educational platform for vocational training for people to become construction worker, carpenters and other trades which are involved in construction work. ASF St Catherine will be present as teachers, and secure and teach quality control and health and safety.

The project’s first phase is estimated to 500 000 SEK. If you would like to help and finance the project, check out our “Contribute” section, or contact Katrin Johansson on the email address below.

Contact for the building project in Sweden:
Katrin Johansson,