The Ugandan organisation

CAVODE is short for St Catherine Vocational Development project, the organisation is working to fufill its goals to improve the lives of people living in the area of Kafuka. To ensure that all children gets the opportunity to go to school is the most important goal.

In this area there is a big risk that the family doesn’t have enough money, and in the worst cases children are forced to start working instead of going to school. To prevent this the project seeks to find and host vocational practices that can give the adults in these families a sustainable income.

The organisation St Catherine Vocational Development Project consists of these three groups:
The General Assembly is all engaged people and also the beneficiaries of the project.
The Management committee is a local group of more engaged volunteers living in the Kafuka region.
The Board of Trustees are 14 educated people living in Kabale (closest town). They meet voluntary to exchange their professional knowledge and find new ways to develop the project.