Deed of the trust

[This is an unofficial translation, only the Swedish version of this deed is legally binding for the trust]

Emilia Hallin, Elisabeth Källén, Josefine Truedsson and Katrin Johansson constitute that economic means collected after a public call published by us, shall be separated and managed as an independent economic wealth for the purpose of, in the Kabale district, Uganda, support those in need of financial support of all ages, support the care and rearing of children and to work for education and vocational training for young and adults living in the district.

1 § Name and residence
The trust name shall be Insamlingsstiftelsen St Catherine Sweden, trade name St Catherine Sweden. The trust shall have its residence in Stockholm, Sweden.

2 § Management
The trust shall be managed by the board of trustees according to the purpose declared in this deed, and according to the by-laws, constituted by us, November 25, 2013, and which has been posted in connection with this deed.

3 § Board of trustees
The trust shall be elected according to the rules in the by-laws for the trust. The board of trustees shall initially be represented by Emilia Hallin, Elisabeth Källén, Carlos Martinez, Robert Ågren, Josefine Truedsson and Katrin Johansson. Elisabeth Källén shall initially take the role as chairwoman of the board of trustees.

4 § Change of by-laws
The board shall have the right to, without the permission from the overseeing authority, change, add or annul provisions in the by-laws insofar regarding the name and trade name of the trust, the residence of the trust, provisions regarding the management of the trust, the representatives of the trust, the composition of the board of trustees, rules for the organisation and rules regulating the boards competence to act in the name of the trust, rules regarding the auditing of the trust, the financial year of the trust and any other provision which the board has instigated by the board itself during the management of the trust. The board may not change the purpose of the trust, or instigate any provision which may jeopardise the purpose of the trust, or enact or change any provision in violation with Swedish law.

5 § Auditing
If nothing else is prescribed in Swedish law, the trust and the management of the trust shall be continually audited by a qualified, certified accountant.

6 § Call for support
A call for support of the purpose of this trust has been published on the webpage:

Stockholm, November 25, 2013.

Elisabeth Källén, Emilia Hallin, Katrin Johansson and Josefine Truedsson