Call for support!

Call for support to Insamlingsstiftelsen St Catherine Sweden!

The public is invited to provide financial support to the trust’s mission and development efforts in Uganda. All financial contributions will be received by a charitable trust to be named “Insamlingsstiftelsen St Catherine Sweden”. The purpose of the trust is to support those in need of financial support of all ages, support the care and rearing of children and to work for education and vocational training for young and adults living in the district.

The St Catherine Vocational Development Project was started in Uganda by; Catherine Krammer and Anne Tinka, in July 2001. The goal of the project is to support the education and nurturing of Ugandan children of all ages living in the South-Western area of Muhanga in Kabale, Uganda. Since its formulation, the project has been able to provide children in the area with necessary support that enables them attend school. In addition, the organization has helped the youth in the area acquire vocational skills necessary, in part, for providing socio-economic stability to the families and communities.

Today, the project has three buildings which are predominantly used for primary schooling. Provision of vocational training, however, has reduced due to lack of funds but also as a consequence of reduced support from the central government.
The St Catherine Sweden trust has been created to provide financial support to the St Catherine Vocational Development Project in fulfilling its main purpose. The project will also be seeking non-monetary support from individuals and organisations in the form of voluntary work, expert knowledge and partnerships that will be beneficial to the underprivileged community living in Muhanga and in Kabale district generally.

For more information regarding the trust deed and the board of the trustees, please refer to the trust’s webpage:

In the meantime, all contributions can be sent to the trusts bank account:
Within Sweden: 5201 32 254 07
International transfers:
IBAN: SE3350000000052013225407

Emilia Hallin, Elisabeth Källén, Josefine Truedsson och Katrin Johansson