Days of results

Time flies and it’s almost time for me to wrap up my work for this visit so the last couple of days I’ve been doing things I just had to get sorted before leaving.

Thursday I went with Pearson to a village a bit away from Muhanga. You can only get there by walking, biking or boda boda (motorbike), the view is beautiful and you can’t here the traffic on the mainroad.

We came here to visit 8 of the women taking part in the mushroom project we started a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, I was a bit early the first round won’t be ready until one more week but by then I will be back home. But the women where happy about the project and they had many bags hanging on different structures in their homes.

Yesterday we went to a bigger city about 150 km northeast of Muhanga to buy printers to the project. We want to improve the book keeping and documentation in the local organization so it was a necessary investment. Of course everything fit on the boda boda that then took us to the minibus that drove us home. Tiring day, but worth it!

Today we’ve been at school with the children again, since it’s Saturday. And this time we brought lots of paper and pens so that they could draw their dream school buildings! Everyone was very focused. I’ve never seen them so calm and they had probably never seen me as happy as when I was looking at their drawings. I even got to bring them with me back home!