Do the best you can

Uganda is wonderful in the way that you come just as you are but you are also expected to do the best you can. That’s how things go around here. Nothing comes for free or automatic and that’s why everyone have to help each other out! The last couple of days for example I’ve been architecting, sewing, teaching computer skills, digging and making scientific research.

Saturday afternoon I left Muhanga to visit wonderful Lake Bunyonyi and get some days of shower, electricity and Wifi from a hotel out there, of course constructed by our “own” architect Medard. I needed some time to adjust somethings on the drawings from the building permit before I could hand them over to Medard. After a day by the computer with a wonderful view over the lake in the background I finished!

If you ever feel like going on a relaxed vacation in a “lagom” temperature and with nature nearby affording both opportunities to mountainbike and go canoeing I strongly recommend Lake Bunyonyi! Visit Uganda!

My last night in Bunyonyi I spent in my bed working on trying to sew a Bib or “Dregglis” as we call it in Swedish. I finally got the hang of how it should be done and in the morning I went to Kabale to meet Grace in the sewing workshop. And together we accomplished this one! Together we found the design for this new product that the girls in the sewing shop can practice their skills on.

Last night Anne had invited District Engineer James and District Counsellor Hebert. We looked at the drawings and had some good discussion concerning the local context and the constructions. Very rewarding!

Today James returned to meet me on site where we continued the discussions from last night. The slope and how to design the retaining wall is one of the big challenges. We are also discussing around using the rammed earth walls. Since it’s a building technic that is not existing in this area today although many other types of earth walls are used. We’re sharing our different knowledge and concluded that we both learn a lot from meeting.

I also met with Allen this morning to practice some computer skills. We got a computer donated by Bertil before I left and this one is going to be used by here to write reports and emails and also to do accounting. It was lot of fun but challenging both for her to learn and for me to teach. Some skills we just take for granted, double-clicking the mousepad for example.

The rest of the day I’ve been doing soil test on site. We want to know if it’s suitable to use for the rammed earth walls or if we will need to put some additives to make it the right mix. I’ve been digging on 3 different places on site and then mixed the soil with water to shape it as balls and rolls to see how it holds together. If I got any strange looks from the kids and teachers at school? You bet!


But they were of course also very supportive, helping me the best they could with taking photos, mixing the soil, and of course some kids were entertaining with singing and dancing! I had a hard time handling the camera with all the mud on my hands but I think you can imagine the look of it!



Tonight I will sleep very tight on my sore muscles!