Meeting Muhanga

Since I arrived to Muhanga the days have been full of impressions and experiences. Even though I remember many things from last time I was here each day brings me so many overwhelming moments, often happy but sometimes very challenging. One thing is sure, after each day I fall asleep faster than the night before. These are some of the things I’ve been doing during day time:

I started off visiting site, to see what has happened since last time and of course to introduce myself to the children and their teachers in school. After that I could snoop around site on my own and found both new trees and growing fields. A lot of them had potatoes, Irish potatoes which was not the regular food last time I visited but I’ve had a lot of this far. There were also new trenches made to make more of the land in proper shape for growing food on. Since our plot is in the bottom of a valley a lot of the ground would otherwise be too wet.

Then I met with our local architect, Matuna Medard and we looked at the drawings I brought for the Resource center we’re working on in the building project. He was happy with what he saw and after some small adjustments they will be ready to send! Good news for me and the rest of the Design team from Architects without borders.

Yesterday was Saturday which means the library at our site is open for all children in St Catherine to come visit and read books. This time Anne had also planned lunch for the kids. Since it’s dry season and hard to get enough crops many of the kids don’t get enough food at home. A proper lunch with potatoes and vegetables from site and some pieces of meat is very welcome. Learning about this and meeting these children are one of those overwhelming moments that are very challengning. When you here from people living on what they grow that they experience longer dry seasons and warmer mornings it really makes you worry about climate change and what it causes in this context.

Then there are the kids! At first so shy but also curious about me, the mzungo (white person). But then, when they start singing and dancing the songs they’ve rehearsed you can see all their strong characters they’ve been trying to hide shining through. And that is overwhelming in a very positive way!